Thanks for having me 2012, here is my 2013 bucket list


I know, I know it’s been a while. I have been changing jobs, you know moving closer to my heart’s desire (baby steps), catching up on homework, and generally making time for being. So what has brought me back? Well I have been thinking about the New Year and moving forward; setting goals and assessing 2012 before letting it go.

I started this blog this year to start finding my voice, to find what it is I liked to write about and what people liked to read about. Now I may not have dedicated as much time to this as I would have liked. But you know I have been busy living and testing theories and assumptions which to live my life by.

So firstly I want to thank 2012 for letting me be, for testing things, for getting behind in things, but most of all for helping me get a strong vision of my future. I started studying counseling this year and I am very excited about getting qualified. I have also qualified as a yoga teacher in 2012 which I did just for me. I have also half committed to a lot of things then become distracted along the way. Normal Kylie response would be to beat myself up for not completing such things. But 2012 Kylie is grateful for the opportunity to take part and learn what I did. So thank you 2012 you have been pretty great to me.

Onto 2013! So over the last couple of months I have been having great chats with one of my gorgeous friends about what we want to do in 2013. It has been really great to actually give myself time to make a list of things that are important come to me rather than force the ‘idealistic list’. So what’s on the Kylie agenda for 2013?

1. Qualify as a counselor by the end of 2013
2. Change over all my cosmetics to non toxic options as and when I need them
3. Keep reading, I love books and have been getting so much out of cups of tea and books this year
4. Get my finances in order
5. Create a business plan; this involves getting everything to be prepared to go live with my business in 2014! Eek
6. Create a list of things that nurture me and find a way to gradually implement them into my life
7. Write my first ebook (yes I have a book plan and I am pretty excited about putting it down), I kind of have an e-course in mind too and I am hoping to get it all together. I may need a graphics designer if anyone is interested in the role?
8. Start an online book club
9. Submit some articles for publication to websites and magazines

This is just the start, there are a lot of details sitting under these and I hope to update this 2013 bucket list as I evolve over the year.

Anyone else got some plans in motion?
Kylie x


My best friend who I introduced to you all earlier has a blog! Here is a great post about breakfast. I am already thinking about her ricotta and berries option she mentions. Enjoy

The Wholefood Truth | Australia's Whole-Food Nutrition Coach

Aarh, breakfast.  Possibly the best meal of the day.

It can be sweet, savoury, big, small, hot, cold, liquid, solid, blended, powdered or blended.

In a cup, in a bowl, on a plate, in a wrapper.

It can be eaten with a spoon, fork, knife, straw or your hands.

You can go casual, get dressed up, drink alcohol that early without judgement.

And always is synonymous with coffee.

But with all that choice we can sometime forget that breakfast is often the most important meal of the day because it is literally ‘breaking (the) fast’ which translates to ‘ we haven’t eaten for 10 or so hours and now we are starving’ (or not hungry, which is a liver thing; more on that later).
So we have the responsibility to our bodies to do it good.  It has just spent the last 10 hours in slumber so it can repair…

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So you are moving forward but life still sucks – A guide to suvival.


I just had a call from a gorgeous and amazing friend of mine who is having those thoughts of ‘I’m so fucking lost right now I just don’t know what to do’. She is going through the process of navigating a career change (yet waiting for the change to kick in), some of her working colleagues give her the shits to such a point she feels she needs to walk out of the office (and never return), she is feeling her working environment is so toxic she just can’t be there and to top it off she doesn’t know where she wants to live or be.

Any of this sound familiar? Thought so. We are all grown-ups here (I think) and we live in the real world (I think..?) so we can’t all just quit our jobs and run away to join the circus without some sort of plan. So what do we do in the mean time? How do we manage a toxic working environment without wanting to blow ours or the entire office brains out? How do we cultivate the patience we need to make our dreams happen while working in the reality of the situations we are currently in?

Here’s the advice I gave her:

Lesson One: Create the picture of your future – see some tips here if you missed it. Return to this vision in times of tears. You are moving forward even if sometimes you don’t think you are.

Lesson Two: Toxic work colleagues (or partners) can completely suck every bit of living energy you have in your body. Now we don’t need this shit. Transition and change is hard enough. You need to be selfish and protective of your energy. I don’t want to see anyone giving away their energy to every undeserving dip shit out there. This energy is vital so you can get your super powers back. I do this using visualisation. This may be a bit out there for some, but bear with me. What I want you to practice is to envision yourself wrapped in a protective white light. The more you practice the better you will be at keeping your energy in and not giving it out. You will be able to sit at your desk, visualising yourself covered in your very own white light bubble and your colleagues crap will just bounce right off you. This is a very powerful tool because it helps you to focus your own personal energy into looking after yourself and not getting sucked into the negative and needy energy of others.

Lesson Three: If you are not getting what you need from a situation you don’t need to be there. Don’t hold mediocre friendships which give you nothing just because you feel safety in numbers. Waste of time. Close some doors so you can open some windows to your future.

Lesson Four: Put a little something up at work than can remind you of where you’re heading. Could be a word, or picture or whatever means something to you. I personally like to use quotes, but I am wordy like that. Looking at these everyday reinstates where I am going, encourages my brain to get on board with the process and when I am about to send that resignation letter that I have had saved on my desktop for the last 6 months, I look at it to remind myself I don’t yet have the right funds or training to make the transition having just a little more patience will get me where I need to be. As much as I would love to chuck it all in and be doing what I want to be doing, I am more than aware that I also value having a roof over my head and unemployment will shoot my confidence. I am achieving and making steps towards my future, I am following my plan.

Lesson Five: For those who have the funds, have done the study they need, and know what they want to be doing. Time to make it happen. Stop sitting on your hands. Take a leap of faith. Your soul will thank you for it.

Lesson Six: Have some fun – its time to enjoy the time we have here. 🙂

The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder Review



The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder is one hell of a health book. I have been reading a lot on health topics lately and I truly believe Kimberly’s philosophy has depth. I am completely converted to her way of thinking but let me just say her recommendations are not for the faint hearted. This is a massive dietary overhaul. I would like to be able to say I have taken the bull by the horns and I am now living her ethos. But alas I am not. I have made changes and I will be consistently making changes to move towards her healthful recommendations. But I am not there yet. I do recommend having a read of this book. Of all the books I have read it has outlined the whys and what for really clearly. It’s a real eye opener. If you do read it, then let me know how you go. I would love to know your thoughts.